Let’s start with a thought about how much we like our current job and our career?

Is it anything about that we would like to change or improve? Think how much time we spend each week working on a job that we are not happy about, this is a serious problem.
A dislike of your job or unpleasant workplace can lead to high-stress levels which can impact your health negatively.
It is so much about incremental change, much of success lies in your attitude.
Here is a few tips #microhabits that can improve daily routine, our work and career perspective!

Pay attention to your ideas!

By writing down ideas means you are less likely to miss opportunities in the workplace.
By stopping to write ides down will train yourself to become more creative and to think outside the box. Employees who come up with alternative solutions are much sought after in the workplace and have more opportunity for advancement.
What can you do? Start with writing down ideas every day. Write down ten new ideas every morning or at least five.
Always carry a notebook to write down ideas as they come to you.


For some of us multitasking simply doesn’t work and we only get less done when we’re trying to do several things at once.
What can you do? Cut out distractions. Turn off your phone while working. Create habits that enable you to find and keep your focus.

Optimize your work time!

Much like the last item on this list, you get more done when you’re focused. But this time, you want to concentrate on your work schedule itself.
What can you do? Start by knowing when you’re most productive. If you’re sharpest when you first get to work, then create tiny habits that remind you to do the big projects first. Set reminders on your phone to get up and stretch periodically.

Re-assess your goals!

Revisit these goals every so often. Look at what you’ve accomplished and asked yourself what you want to accomplish next. Make sure every goal is S.M.A.R.T.: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.
What can you do? Set a date on the calendar once a month to re-assess. Or use an app to track progress on projects. You’re not looking at the goals you’re setting, which are big picture things, but at the small things – the check-ins, the progress you’re making today, and the questions you need to ask yourself to see if you’re still on task.

Seize Opportunities!

Things will come up in your workplace that will give you a chance at advancement. The more opportunities you find, the more you’ll find room for advancement.
What can you do? Keep an ear to the ground. Micro-Habits here include paying attention to the company newsletter, the bulletin board, or wherever they post notices.

Outside of your workplace, make a tiny goal to spend a few minutes on LinkedIn or other professional sites to network. And if you’re seriously thinking about changing jobs, maybe your micro-goal will be to spend time learning a new skill that might come in handy later.
#smartgoals #ideas
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