About Us

Foundation for Wellness is the unique concept for mind, body and wellness.

We are an independent, authorised Prife international business owner and distributor of Prife products with a successful and supportive team in the UK, Europe and USA, which is growing every day.

Prife set out by wanting to improve people’s quality of live, drawing upon the key themes of ‘prime’ and ‘life’ to create the company’s name.  It is their mission to become a household name, making their products accessible to everyone.

Through the process of self-healing and creating natural defences to protect the body, these products can enable you to start your wellness journey.

The body’s ability to heal is so much greater than you could ever imagine, so it’s time to start trusting the signals that your body is sending and honour your body’s wisdom to unlock your true potential.

Whether you are interested customer or would like to become part of our team, we have a support group tailored to your needs. Throughout you will be able to get in contact with both field leaders and members of the corporate team and reach out for any support you may need, with the assurance that there will always be someone to take your call.

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