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If you have heard testimonials or experienced first-hand the benefits of this device then you have probably started to wonder how you can spread awareness with as many people as possible, so that they can try it for themselves and see how it could improve their wellbeing. The device is a revolutionary patented product, with certified worldwide distribution rights, which is the first of its kind on the market. The I-TeraCare Terahertz device comes from a rapidly established company which branched out to more than 30 countries in its first year. It is easy to share and works quickly and efficiently.

The company offers an excellent business opportunity, with a simple and straightforward generous hybrid compensation plan which is extremely rewarding for members, paying out daily. This business plan has been designed for longevity and 100% retention, with the assurance of never losing your position in the system. Full training would be provided, to allow you to set and reach your goals and maximise your potential. The Plug and Play system has been designed to help you market and build your team, with the support of seasoned MLM field leaders and experienced MLM management team and owners. In order to become an Independent Distributor all you need to do is purchase a device and pay the small business maintenance fee of $30 USD/month, which enables you to collect your commissions and redeem free products, among other benefits. The first month of maintenance is free and after that each months payment will count towards the purchase of future iTeraCare products, helping you to constantly invest in your business. There are no monthly auto-ship costs.

If you would like to find out more about this business opportunity and about how to become an independent distributor, through a quick WhatsApp call or informative zoom conversation, you can fill in the form below. You will also find below the contact information necessary to order the device. We invite you to join the iTeraCare Community for access to all the user guides and manuals, instructions, testimonials, expert Interviews and more. We look forward to welcoming you into our dynamic, supportive and resourceful team.

If you would like to order I-TERACARE TERAHERTZ LIGHT WAVE DEVICE or for information on How To Become Independent Distributor please send us an email or call 078 15 793 341

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    The iTeraCare device is a certified household electrical equipment. It has been certified as “safe to use.” It emits no harmful radiation and it has labels allowing for its distribution internationally.
    The iTeraCare blower is not medical equipment and the manufacturer provides no medical advice. Users understand that the device is not intended to be used as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes on which reliance should be placed. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or advice by a trained medical care practitioner. Users understand that they use the iTeraCare blower at their own risk.
    Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition, or for specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the iTeraCare blower, nutrition or physical activity.